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Best Free Adult Games Online for 2021 [Mobile Compatible and Free Tokens]

There are many adult games to choose from when you’re looking to have some X-rated fun. Unfortunately, some of these games aren’t legitimate, and you can end up wasting your time on them.

I find myself very annoyed whenever that happens, so I can imagine that you also hate being blindsided by these fake sites.

Since you are kind enough to be reading my content, I decided to check out numerous sites that claimed to offer the chance to play free adult games for your sake.

As I expected, many of these sites had nothing to offer. However, some of them do have substance, and I experienced them all by creating accounts to test them. Based on my experiences, I came up with the 10 best adult game sites for you to enjoy.

The Best Free Adult Games

Try to stay focused as you read the adult game reviews, because things are about to venture into steamy territory.

Grand Fuck Auto

As you can probably tell, Grand Fuck Auto is a parody that is based on Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto. This is the perfect display of what an adult game should be, as it removes all the restrictions that Grand Theft Auto has.

You can still run around, cause chaos, and do missions. However, you’re now free to fuck whoever you want in the game. Apart from being able to fuck without boundaries, there are many layers of customization to make your experience sexy and amazing.

West Sluts

West Sluts is a parody adult game that is based on Westworld. In the game, you take control of a character that gets up to various adventures in the wild west. Many of these adventures take place inside the warm, wet holes of hot virtual models.

This game encourages you to be creative and to let your sexual desires out. So, don’t be afraid to allow yourself to have sexy fun in any way that you see fit.

Narcos XXX

NarcosXXX is based on Narcos, which you’re free to enjoy on Netflix if you so desire. It puts you in the shoes of a character that bears many similarities to Pablo Escobar.

With such a persona, you can commit all the crimes you want in the game world and build an empire. Doing all of that is great, but the real fun comes from fucking all the sexy girls around you in the game. None of these sluts can resist a bad boy, so it’s your job to give them what they’re begging for in their holes.

Call of Booty

Call of Duty has been an incredibly successful franchise for many years. However, the gameplay boils down to just shooting and running. Is it any surprise that things got way more fun when hot models were put into the game to shake things up a bit? You must check out Call of Booty.

The combat that you love is still present, though, you can’t shoot your way out of every situation. Sometimes you end up in a bind, and your throbbing cock is the only thing that you can use to help you.


Unlike the previous entries on the list, Nutaku is not a game. However, it may be exactly what you need to enjoy a variety of adult games.

When you use the Nutaku platform, you can go wild, as you get access to an incredible library of adult video games. The games found on Nutaku tend to be hentai-themed, so prepare for some anime action. These virtual girls can take whatever you have to give, so don’t hold back.


SexEmulator doesn’t have a big fancy world like many of these other sites, but the experience that it gives you is both welcome and unique.

The first thing you do is customize the body of the girl you intend to fuck. Your objective is to then increase her skill level, so she becomes the freak in the sheets that you deserve.

You increase her level by making her do things like performing oral or putting a dildo in her ass. She progressively gets more adept at the skills she has, plus she learns new ones.


SexSimulator is not a game like some of the other entries on the list. It bears the greatest similarities to Nutaku, since it is also a launcher for numerous adult video games.

Good luck getting through them all though, since there are over 450 adult games to explore. You also get a bunch of incredible DVDs to enjoy, if you’re ever in the mood to watch some traditional adult entertainment. Feel free to enjoy and go wild.

Hentai Heroes

If you like your adult games to feel like complete experiences, then Hentai Heroes is the game for you. There are many different systems in the game that are well-designed. These come together to enhance your experience.

The objective of this game is to create your very own harem. Of course, successfully doing that means that you can fuck a large group of girls. A reverse gangbang can’t be a bad thing, right? After all, you can’t ignore all these sexy girls who need some hard cock.

VR Fuck Dolls

VR gaming has developed tremendously over the past decade, and VRFuckDolls brings the technology to the world of adult gaming. Being able to control what’s happening on screen is one way to foster greater player involvement.

However, when a game is rendered in full VR, feeling involved is an understatement. There aren’t many things more satisfying than dominating slutty submissive girls and reminding them who’s in charge.

You’re a BDSM master in this game, and it’s your job to use your prowess to enjoy yourself and bend the girls to your will.

Red Light Center

The final game on the list is Red Light Center. This one is unique because it’s an adult MMO. You’re placed in a huge open world with plenty of characters to fuck and have fun with. The twist is that none of the characters are AI-controlled.

The world that you see is filled with real players. Therefore, you get to enjoy mind-blowing, virtual sexual experiences with horny people around the globe.

What Are Adult Games?

Adult games put a spin on traditional gaming. You still get an experience where you control the narrative, but these games are usually sexually themed. Sometimes when you play regular video games, you run into characters that you want to fuck.

Unfortunately, those games don’t feature a fuck option, so you end up dead in the water. Adult games allow you to do all the fucking you want in these virtual worlds. This is the reason for the steady increase in popularity that these games have been seeing over the past decade.

Not only is there a larger user base enjoying these games, but the developers are also putting more effort into them. I don’t know about you, but that makes me very happy.

Are These Adult Games Free?

Don’t worry, as there’s no need for you to pick up your wallet to play these games. All the 10 games that were reviewed are free. Some of them allow you to just jump in and play a teaser before you choose to sign up. Others require you to sign up first, after which you’re thrown into the fun. Whatever the case is, no payment is required to access the sites.

Are These Mobile Compatible Adult Games?

All these adult games are as portable as you want them to be. It wouldn’t make sense for them to be confined to a PC, since portability is very important to many people.

If you ever want to enjoy a quick game on your mobile device, you can do so with no issues. Though many of these games originated on the PC, they have evolved to become Android adult games and iPhone adult games. So, why not take advantage of this?

Why People Enjoy Playing Adult Games?

People enjoy playing these games because of the level of control that is afforded to them. Think about sex in real life, for example. While there are people who like watching others have sex, most prefer to just fuck someone instead.

The concept is the same here. People prefer to control what is happening in a sexual situation instead of watching it play out in front of them.

How Adult Games Have Evolved in the Last Decade

Over the last decade, adult games have taken advantage of technological improvements. You can see this in the amazing graphics that these games have today and in the fact that there are adult games rendered in VR.

What to Expect in Adult Games in the next Year

Over the next year, you can expect an increase in the amount of VR-capable adult games, as well as the integration of teledildonics in some games to give a more immersive experience.

My Final Verdict

All the game sites that I discussed are amazing, and they all bring something different to the table. Make sure to also check out my lists for Porn Games and Sex Games. Be that as it may, Grand Fuck Auto is a complete experience. The amount of freedom you’re granted makes everything you do feel that much more organic and rewarding.


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