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Ever heard of VR porn games like VRFuckDolls? It’s an amazing VR porn game taking virtual reality to the next level. If you are a tech geek like me, I’m pretty sure you’re also dying to give this VR game and take this bad boy for a spin. Thankfully, I was able to try VRFuckDolls with the help of my friends from My Gamer Vault. And, boy, was I in for a treat.

I know you’ve been waiting for this review so if you want to find out what I think about VRFuckDolls, continue reading below!

About VR Fuck Dolls

vr fuck dolls reverse cowgirl sex play

Let’s start by getting you acquainted with the product that is being reviewed. First, you should know that VR Fuck Dolls is one of many titles that come from our generous friends at My Gamer Vault.

I refer to them as friends because they’ve been kind enough to grace us with some of the best adult video game or sex games experiences for us to enjoy. VR Fuck Dolls is a single game, but keep in mind that others may appeal to niche audiences.

Let’s get back to business though. There is the matter of security. You should be familiar with the way a lot of these adult entertainment Internet sites work. Surely, there are many games from sites similar offering these games. But sadly, they turn out to be cash grabs.

Not many things suck more than having your information compromised or losing hard-earned money because of some smooth swindling of games. Well, I’m here to tell you that VR Fuck Dolls is no scam.

The site is secured by SSL encryption, which means that all the external parties that want to get nosy and malicious on your browser have no choice but to keep their distance as you browse. Also, the games site never engages in selling your information, so there’s no need to worry in that regard either.

The game is rendered in VR. Though you can go through it without ever wearing a VR headset, just know that you’re missing out on the full experience if you don’t. Support is available for all the popular VR gaming headsets on the market. These headsets include:

  • Sony PlayStation VR
  • HTC Vive
  • Oculus Rift
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Google Daydream

These are the headsets that users are most likely to have, so there’s no need to worry about trying to grab any new devices. If you’re curious where to find these, you can consult more sites selling these peripheral devices.

The idea of VR Fuck Dolls is for you to customize your virtual sexual experience, so it’s one of those games conducive to your enjoyment and pleasure. The site has a futuristic feel about it, and the game seems to be just as ahead of the curve.

The customization features are extensive, which allows you to truly have it your way. There are thousands of models and pieces to choose from. The graphical quality is very detailed, as the scenes you experience are all rendered in 4K.

What features can you expect as you play this game? Here are some that I discovered:

  • Single-player and multiplayer game modes
  • In-game achievements that help you to keep track of your virtual sexual prowess
  • Collectible cards that are all VR compatible
  • Full customization of your fuck doll including the most granular components
  • Over 100 unique sex positions for you to enjoy

The game shows a great level of innovation in the areas of both VR and game development, and I can attest to the fact that the experience is unlike any other that has ever come before it.

Note that an account setup is required for age verification reasons. Have no fear though, as you can complete the setup of said account within a matter of mere minutes. Once you have done so, you are ready to dive headfirst into some arousing and sexy fun.

The Plot of VR Fuck Dolls

logo of vrfuckdolls

If you’re looking for an adventure-driven VR porn game on your computer’s browser, you’d have better luck resorting to other games for that. VR Fuck Dolls doesn’t contain much of a plot because its sole purpose is to help you fuck virtual model babes on the Internet. You’d have more luck finding it in more sites and games hubs, such as Hentai-based games platforms like Nutaku for that matter.

What you can do is customize your VR sex dolls to your liking. You have full control as to how they would look, including their breast size, hair color, and little details like a body tattoo. It’s pretty simple as you’re asked right away for these configurations.

If you’re lazy, there are ready-to-fuck pre-made dolls. So you can focus more on fucking a girl model in your free time.

My VR Fuck Dolls Review

brunette with big boobs character on vr fuck dolls

When I went on the site and hit the play button, I instantly knew that this site wasn’t playing around. The seductive narrator told me that this was the most extreme sex simulator, and she wasn’t off the mark.

The trailer that plays as you select your starting options shows you how hardcore things can get. There are models tied up, models taking hardcore cock, anal, etc. It all plays like a compilation as you choose your options.

The setup process wasn’t bad. I was required to choose the following:

  • My gender
  • The partner’s gender
  • The partner’s age
  • Single-player/multiplayer

After this, I was provided with a form to fill out, which required my e-mail address, a password, my name, my zip code, and my country.

With this out of the way, I could start enjoying some of the adventures, and I was pleasantly surprised. There was nothing generic about the flow of the game.

The VRFuckDolls team made a fantastic job creating this sex game, and I can say with certainty that this is probably the best VR game I’ve played (and it’s seldom I played VR porn game titles in my time).

When it comes to the quality of the VR area or world they’ve created, I must stay they paid attention to every detail visually, up to the most critical details like a girl’s breast size. For me, it’s a VR porn game that was done right, with or without the use of a VR device. You can even find hot girls that resemble actual hot porn models, like Riley Reid. I’m pretty sure that should you decide when playing this game, there’s no doubt that your computer would be on all night as you fap and cum all the way.

I also liked that the My Gamer Vault has included bonus fuck content, like porn videos, embedded in the porn game. Virtual reality hasn’t been this satisfying especially when you’ve incorporated VR porn into a sex game.

The mouse is used to do all the hard work and selections, so I only needed one hand to play, which means I could do whatever I wanted with the other.

It’s a very well-built sex simulator, and things never feel boring or repetitive no matter how many times I play. But heed my advice, you’re sure to waste time fucking (or getting fucked) in this VR porn world for hours with your fuck doll, so take it easy and play the VR Fuck Dolls game in moderation.

The Pros of VR Fuck Dolls

The Pros of VR Fuck Dolls

blonde character with big boobs on vr fuck dolls

These are the benefits of jumping into the amazing world of VR Fuck Dolls:

  • The game graphics are very well done
  • You can register and download it for free
  • You can create your fuck doll
  • The models are very interactive and do a great job of keeping the player consistently engaged
  • There is access to other adult games that are a part of the My Gamer Vault network
  • There are free porn videos for you to enjoy in various categories
  • You can play VRFuckDolls on your mobile phone, and with or without a VR device.
  • It’s compatible with the Sony PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, and the Oculus Rift

The Cons of VR Fuck Dolls

red hair character with small boobs on vrfuckdolls.com

On the flip side, here are some of the drawbacks that you can expect as you play the game:

  • The sex scenes can be very brutal, which is not something that people prefer, such as BDSM discipline.
  • Your player cannot be submissive, so if you like being dominated you can’t have your fuck dolls or a sex doll dominate you.
  • It’s purely addictive! If you don’t pace yourself you might lose time focusing on important things in real life
  • You need to pay extra to gain access to other exclusive features.

Other Comparable Porn and Adult Games

Comparable Game: Make sure to check out our review on Nutaku

Comparable Game: Make sure to check out our review on West Sluts

Our Final Verdict

thumbs up to vrfuckdolls.com

After much thought and experience trying out the VR porn/sex games genre via VR Fuck Dolls, I must say that it left me thoroughly impressed. There’s no way in hell you’re not gonna end up hooked onto the game. I’ve enjoyed every single moment banging a virtual girl on my computer. And what’s best is I did it for FREE!

I have to again thank My Gamer Vault for introducing this gem to me for this review. If not for them, I wouldn’t be able to check this website. I’m sure there are sites similar to this, but none comes close to what the game can do as far as porn games are concerned.

VRFuckDolls is every horny guy’s dream, so I urge you to check this one out and fuck a VR girl if you can!


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