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Best Free Sex Games Online for 2021 [Mobile Compatible and Free Tokens]

There was a time when finding a sex game was near impossible. It’s like video game creators thought making them was taboo. Today, however, there are so many free sex games that you may not be able to play them all in a single lifetime.

As you’d probably expect, not all these sex games can be good. In fact, some of them only pretend to exist, since they’re nothing but elaborate scams.

Of course, I took it upon myself to test the waters with numerous sites that have sex games to offer. Not only did I create accounts and test these sites, but I also reviewed them. So, below is an outline of my top 10 free sex games.

The Best Free Sex Games

I include my favorite free sex games here for you. They are verified mobile compatible as well as free to play. Read below one by one of my favorite sex game.

Grand Fuck Auto

Have you ever heard of a little game named Grand Theft Auto? Grand Fuck Auto is the completely unrestricted adult version of that game. Grand Theft Auto is hardcore as is; however, they draw the line at allowing you to fuck other characters. Even when you get the chance, the camera obscures your view.

You’re free to fuck to your heart’s content in Grand Fuck Auto, and it’s beautifully rendered in 3D. The number of customization options available is also mind-blowing.

West Sluts

If you’ve ever watched Westworld, you know where this game gets its inspiration from. West Sluts offers you the opportunity to enjoy the wild west with no limits.

Everything you can imagine makes an appearance here. There’s farming, shooting, and cool accents. It doesn’t stop there as you can remove those long dresses the farm girls wear and make their holes yours. You’re not limited to farm girls, of course, so get comfortable, and let the sex begin!

Narcos XXX

Do you know what kind of guy can choose who to fuck whenever he wants? A kingpin can, and that is the role you play in Narcos XXX. If you’ve ever wanted to live the Pablo Escobar life of guns, money, and an abundance of pussy, here’s your chance.

In Narcos XXX, you get to build your empire and kill anyone that gets in your way. As you’re doing so, you can regularly help yourself to horny sluts that enjoy a consistent diet of cock.

Call of Booty

Do you know what Call of Duty needed to make it more interesting? It needed an overhaul, where many of the characters on the map would be replaced by hot women. It also wouldn’t hurt to throw in hot sexual situations too.

Well, you get all of that in Call of Booty. While there is the traditional gunplay, the real focus of the games is on the sluts running around naked. Prepare to fuck your way out of a lot of dire situations.


Unlike the other entries so far, Nutaku isn’t a sex game. Instead, it functions as a hub page. When you browse Nutaku’s page, there are numerous hentai games for you to dive into. Just remember that there’s a world outside when you’re isolated and jacking off.

There is a perfect balance of fun and challenge in the games that Nutaku offers. The hentai art style is well done, and it makes stuffing cocks into horny holes that much more satisfying.


SexEmulator doesn’t feature an open world, but it does feature a lot of customization and a dynamic experience. Your objective is to build and train your sex slave in the way you see fit.

Once you’re done selecting the physical attributes of the girl you want to fuck, you need to help her increase her skill level. You do this by commanding her to do sexual favors. The sky’s the limit where she is concerned. More favors mean more experience and better skills as time goes on.


SexSimulator is a gatekeeper to what can only be described as an amazing spread of some of the best sex content on the internet. First, there are 450 games for you to enjoy. Of course, there are a few stinkers in such a large number, but that is quite forgivable when you consider the sheer number of high-quality games.

There is fap-worthy action everywhere you turn, and you even get virtual DVDs as a part of your package.

Hentai Heroes

Many people complain that sex games don’t offer anything more than interactive sex. While this isn’t a bad thing for me, Hentai Heroes is the game for you if you’re one of those people.

The game features clear replicas of some of the most well-known anime characters, and they’re all down to fuck.

Your objective is to grow your harem, and the number of story elements and systems to learn is simply insane. Who knew that anime sluts could be this appealing?

VR Fuck Dolls

This sex game called VR Fuck Dolls is an example of innovation at its finest. It’s hard to beat the first-person perspective when you’re watching pussies get destroyed in a porn film.

However, when you have a sex game that is VR-ready, is there even a comparison? You play the role of a BDSM master in this game with one simple mission. You must let all the submissive cunts know who’s the boss. Humiliate them, break them, and fill them with your cock in whatever ways you want to.

Red Light Center

This is a unique gaming concept because it’s a sex game that is also an MMO. There’s an open world with no shortage of sexy characters for you to fuck, but there’s something special about those characters.

They’re all controlled by other players. This means that in Red Light Center you get to enjoy an organic and sexy experience every time you stuff your dick in someone. There are even locations on the map where people gather when they want to indulge in their darkest fantasies.

What Are Sex Games?

A sex game is what porn would be if you were given control of the scenes. I’m not sure if you’re a gamer, but if you’ve played any story-driven game, you know that the story is stuck unless you advance it. You also know that repeating the same part of a game doesn’t mean the same events happen in the same way.

When you watch porn, everything that happens is guaranteed to happen the same way every time you play the same video. That’s just how film works.

As much as I enjoy a little downtime with sex videos, I always feel like I want to be more involved in the action. Though videos didn’t grant my wish, the existence of sex games did.

These games have amazing graphics, and they are designed to really immerse you in all the pussy pounding and cock sucking that’s taking place. Who knew it could be so much fun to be in the driver’s seat?

Are These Sex Games Free?

You can rest assured that there is nothing for you to worry about in the area of payment. These games are completely free to play, so the only thing that may be drained is your steady supply of cum. You don’t need two hands to play anyways, right?

Are These Mobile Compatible Sex Games?

While playing any video game on a PC is a great experience, that’s not the platform that people want to play on all the time. It’s 2021, after all, and one of the biggest features that games can have is gaming mobility.

The creators of these games realize the need to fap on the go, and, therefore, these games are both iPhone sex games and Android sex games. There are so many great places to get in some sexy time, that it would be a shame if you couldn’t use them.

Why People Enjoy Playing Sex Games?

Sex games appeal to people because of the level of control and immersion that they are afforded. Imagine being able to direct a porn shoot and jerk off to it at the same time.

Instead of watching things play out, you get to call the shots, and the people in the video respond to your needs. Additionally, you’re also a part of the steamy action.

Sex games combine all of this into a single enticing package, which is the reason that people enjoy them so much.

How Sex Games Have Evolved in the Last Decade?

As I alluded to earlier, sex games weren’t always as readily available as they are now. What I neglected to mention was that early incarnations were rough around the edges.

They seemed uninspired, the graphics didn’t make a great substitute for the real women in porn, and they were few.

Now, we have a situation in which care has been put into them. They now offer complete and immersive experiences with amazing graphics. Furthermore, there are more sex games than ever before.

What to Expect in Sex Games in the next Year?

For the next year, I’d say expect new experiences in the realm of sex games. This could be in the form of new situations and parodies, or it could be the addition of new features such as teledildonics.

My Final Verdict

I’ve covered an amazing selection of games that allow you to release all your sexual tension. Make sure to also check out my posts on Meet N Fuck Games and Adult Games. Of the games above, Grand Fuck Auto is the best free sex game. It provides an experience that makes you forget that you’re in a game world sometimes because of the design and the freedom you’re afforded.


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